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Each of these activities gives you a quick way to learn how to do new things with ScratchJr. They are listed here in order of simplest to hardest, but feel free to play around in any order you’d like!
Watch this video for a brief introduction to ScratchJr’s interface… See more
Pick a background and a character, and use a motion block to make a car drive across the city… Read more
Use the speed block to speed up or slow down a character… Read more
Learn how to make a character disappear… Read more
Learn how to add a new page to change scene… Read more
Make multiple characters with their own scripts… Read more
Learn how to use the repeat block to dribble a basketball… Read more
Use sound and motion blocks and a start again block to make characters dance… Read more
Use the envelope to send a message from one character to another… Read more
Send multiple messages among characters using different colored envelopes… Read more



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