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    Two events in London played important roles in laying the foundation of Kerala Model of development :  

    (i) the formation of London Missionary Society in 1795
    (ii) formation of theChurch Mission Society in 1799. 

    The Protestant missionaries from Germany and England laid the foundations of western education in Kerala by opening English grammar schools, high schools, and colleges.Some of the early Christian missionaries had performed valuable services for the development of the Malayalam language:the grammatical works and dictionaries by Arnos Patiri (Johann Ernestus Hanxleden), Angelo Francis, Rev. Bailey, Rev. Richard Collins, and Dr. Gundert are substantial contributions to the study of Malayalam.

    This Virtual Pallikuutam is to remember the life & work of all the missionaries who introduced 'modern education' in the former princely states of Travancore and Cochin during the first half of t
    he 19th century using real പള്ളിക്കൂടംpallikuutam close to the churches.

  • MK802 server
  • St James Mar Thoma Centre, London file
  • Kano: a Raspberry Pi computer that snaps together..

    "...Kano has been designed with the UK's new computing curriculum in mind, from which children as young as five will learn the basics of coding and how computers work. The website for the Kano says it could be used by schoolchildren as a school holiday project or to be worked on in class, shared among small groups..."

    Raspberry Pi becomes a math teacher through new Wolfram bundle

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